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Rochester Kitchen Remodeling Pros

Kitchen Remodeling Rochester, NY

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If you’re getting a bit tired of your current kitchen, or you’re sick of dealing with the limited functionality of the space, it might be time to start examining the possibility of a full kitchen remodel. That might sound like a daunting task to oversee, but it’s actually not something to be intimidated by – particularly if you enlist the services of a professional kitchen remodel company.

Such a service can offer unbelievable value and utility to homeowners, and are as close to a guarantee as possible that you’ll get the kitchen of your dreams at the end of the remodel process.

About Us

At Rochester Kitchen Remodeling Pros, we do our utmost to ensure that each and every one of our customers get the kitchen that they’ve always dreamed of. We do this by providing high quality, reliable kitchen design and kitchen renovation services to property owners across the Rochester, New York region. We’ve been delivering such services for many years now, so we know how to overcome the various challenges and difficulties that often crop up during a kitchen remodel process. Whether you’re looking for someone to bounce around kitchen remodel ideas with, or you need a specialist to take charge of the entire process, we have the expertise that you’re seeking. Our kitchen designer and installation teams are standing at the ready, all you need to do is reach out to us.

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    Our Services

    We’ve constructed a broad and adaptable range of kitchen remodeling services to make sure that we can serve the needs of each and every one of our customers – and this has proven highly successful. We’ve not yet experienced a situation where we’ve been incapable of serving our customers’ needs. We can look at everything from designing and installing a kitchen backsplash to planning out an open concept kitchen layout – we’re pretty much limitless in the ways that we can benefit your kitchen remodeling process.

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    Kitchen Design

    Our kitchen design team is the best in the business, and more than capable of taking on the bulk or the entirety of the design work required to build your dream kitchen. We’ll have extensive conversation with you to determine the kind of kitchen that you want, before doing our best to make it a reality. Whether you want a galley kitchen built for convenience, or you want a contemporary kitchen that will wow your guests, we have the expertise that you’re seeking.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Your kitchen cabinets will have an enormous impact on the utility of your space, as they represent the primary storage solution for your various foodstuffs and items. We can design custom cabinetry to give you the most space possible, integrating them into a kitchen layout design crafted by us. This means that they’ll be intuitive to use, and that you’ll be making efficient use of all of the space in your kitchen.

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    Kitchen Countertops

    The kitchen countertops in your property will be where you make and serve your food for yourself and your family, and they need to be able to withstand the typical pressures associated with such processes. That means being able to handle heat, water, spillages, and droppages – which is no small challenge for many materials. We can offer our expertise in picking out suitable materials, designing countertops, and installing them too.

    Kitchen Flooring

    Kitchen floors need to be able to overcome challenging conditions for long periods of time – since surely you don’t want to find yourself installing a new kitchen floor every few years! Wooden, tiled, and laminate floors are all excellent choices, as they’re more than capable of withstanding moisture, heat, and spillages, and they all look attractive in both modern and classic kitchen aesthetics.

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    Kitchen Appliances

    The kitchen appliances are what make a kitchen tick. They’re how you store and cook your food, clean your dishes and cutlery, and even clean your clothing! A great kitchen design will find a place for each of the appliances, while ensuring that they don’t upset your kitchen’s carefully curated style. We can use cabinetry to hide some of the appliances, and pick appliances that will complement your aesthetic choices as well.

    Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

    The kitchen sink and faucet will have a significant effect on the functionality of your kitchen, so need to be looked at with real consideration. We are comfortable with the design and installation of a number of different types of kitchen sinks – both in terms of main and prep sinks – and we’re also able to advise you on different faucet types and materials too. With our experience and guidance, you’re certain to find something that fits with your practical and visual needs.

    “I want to give major thanks to the men and women at Rochester Kitchen Remodeling Pros – wow! What a team! I have a beautiful new kitchen to share with my family, and they did everything from the floors right up to the lighting design. I’m absolutely DELIGHTED with the result, great work!!” – Sandy L.

    “I’m happy to recommend Rochester Kitchen Remodeling Pros, they’ve more than earned my admiration after the excellent design help they gave me. I have a very small kitchen space, but with their smart design ideas it sure doesn’t feel that way.” – Greg F.

    “This is a phenomenal kitchen design service, and I’m very happy to recommend them to anybody who needs a service of this type. They’ve completely transformed my kitchen into a modern marvel, I feel like I’ve had great value for money. 100% this is a service you won’t regret choosing.” – Janet P.

    Contact Us Today

    If you’re on the lookout for a reliable and technically proficient kitchen remodeling company, we hope it’s clear that we’re the number one choice. To arrange a consultation with a kitchen designer, or to get more information on any of our services or prices, speak to our customer service team today. They’re available through our main telephone number during our regular working hours, or via our online contact form outside of those hours. Both of these can be accessed through our company website. Speak to them today, and you’ll be taking the most sensible course of action for you and your property.